Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle: Your Choice?

Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle is something that I would not hesitate to emphasize many many times. I have already pointed to an article Vegetarian Diet is the Preference I wrote years back on my personal development blog under Healthy Eating.

I also mentioned about health, nutrition & disease prevention value of some of the natural foods and provided a chart indicating the value for several foods. Most foods in the list are vegetarian. With such a deep personal conviction about the virtues of a plant based diet, how could I inculcate a regular practice to ensure I got enough of those? By not only learning how to make the best vegetarian salads but also doing several of them with a lot of application and love!

I’m showcasing them in the gallery below to inspire you. You can & must do them and increase their intake in your daily diet. It is truly rewarding & fulfills the body’s needs for minerals, vitamins and fiber. No less important are the various fruits as the chart of valuable foods shows you.

Make a different mouth watering salad every day and combine with raw fruits [no juicing] and ensure that their presentation pampers your (and of those you love & want to share with!) senses.

Salad making at home is exciting & fun, though one needs to keep all ingredients organized at hand and invest some effort in preparing the veggies. You can find some healthy vegetable salad recipes online. Salad recipe involves basic veggies along with dressings. Some additives will also be needed depending upon the choice of your taste buds.

Do you love your veggies? Do you love making, eating & sharing these healthful delights? How about sharing everything on making delicious, mouth watering & healthy salads with others?

For the Love of Vegetarian Salads?

I love making my veggie salads, eating & sharing them. Some of my favorite veggies are the fresh green leafy veggies, broccoli, mushrooms, bell pepper, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and all the lovely veggies.

I love the simple dressing with olive oil with squeezed lemon. I also love the herbs.

Do you love making as much as eating fresh green salads? What tips or recipe would you like showing off?

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